"An abstract idea"

The representational theory of mind proposes that concepts are mental representations.

I have a very large mental representation that was inspired by Tim Bradbrook during his attendance of the 2010 International BSA rally here in Christchurch, New Zealand. Tim and Lynn shipped their 'lilac' Rocket 3 from Leeds, UK, all the way to little old NZ, for a few weeks of general biking adventure. I had the pleasure of spending some time with them, and eagerly devoured their recollections of the various rallies they had been to in parts of Europe. Tim had also ridden his BSA 650 across America. They were rather amazed that they ended up doing more miles in NZ than he had done crossing the USA.

It transpired that Tim was planning to go back to the USA on his Rocket 3 to attend the 2014 BSA International rally in Northern California. That would entail shipping his bike to the US East Coast, and riding to the west.

I thought it would be pretty cool to meet up with him for that trip. From NZ, that would mean either shipping my bike to the East Coast, which would entail sending it across the Pacific and then right across America - or just shipping it to the West Coast and riding it both ways. According to the mileage Tim racked up on his twin, that might end up being in the order of 10,000 miles or more from LA back to LA.

I decided it was a great idea, and no doubt a plan would evolve. As a 'mental representation', it would benefit from the activity of many minds as opposed to just mine. Red was keen as a keen thing to join me, so we invited a number of like-minded folks from amongst our motorcycling circle of friends.

The result was that about 16 (so far..) excellent people got into the same 'mental representation' as us, and that in turn led to this website, and a lot of positive interaction with others in the USA, UK and Australia. Cool indeed!

This website is devoted to the sometimes mundane ministrations of bringing the concept into reality. There are many things to consider, and with so many people sharing the idea, it will ne necessary to allow for the logistics of catering for all. I will attempt to convey the processes and considerations as we go along. Bring it on...